Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back Again

Back again after a week away. Busy with work, writing and family life I just haven't had time to write here. But here's the scoop so far. I had a blast on Mother's Day Weekend. On Saturday, I saw my communion kids do their First Communion, went out with one of my student's families to celebrate, then had dinner with my sister, niece and great-nephew. Little bugger doesn't like me anymore. He would squeal (like a whistle) and cry with me. :( Kinda sad about it because I was so looking forward to seeing him all week long. After dinner, we all went to my cousin's house to hang out and chat. Always fun for me. Finally I got home at 11:30pm. Exhausted, but great and kid free. Sunday brought me church, then mommies' day gifts of flowers, cards, and earrings. Then I hung out with my dad and his girlfriend for a bit. After that, I crashed for four hours and woke up wanting Chinese food. No cooking, cleaning and stress-free. How cool is that? Working out at least five days a week. Today I'm sore because I played softball yesterday. Wonder how long that will last. Onto this week! Later

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