Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Checking In

It's been ages since I've written here so I came by to give a recap. Things have been going well at work and there seems to be something in the works for me there. I'm excited because it would mean doing more clincal work ie therapy. I'm working on my application for my license and it'll be awhile before I complete it. It's very detailed and asks questions I didn't think would be on there. So that's the day job. On the writing end, I've been writing and posting more frequently on my parenting site, which surprised me because I thought I wasn't posting for than once a week. There were times last month as well as this week where I've posted two articles. I'm getting more readership and I'm really excited about that. :) I've applied to yet another major writing job. It's the same as before, but for a different subject. I'm hoping to get into the prep program and get the position. Other than that, I've been looking for other writing jobs to apply for. I've found a couple but haven't applied yet. Need to get cracking on that. Kiddo is doing okay. We got his most recent report card and saw that his conduct needs some serious improvement. I really need to get him through the rest of this school year without any problems. And that means helping him adjust his behavior at school. He's doing well at home so I need to help him take that to school. Off to the day job, so see ya later! Skyraven

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