Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Checking In

It's been forever since I've been on here so I needed to catch up. After nursing a pretty bad cold this weekend, I'm writing and then going off to bed to rest for my first day back at work. Haven't seen the office since last Thursday because I took Friday off and then got sick. Doesn't that suck? It did for me. I spent the weekend trying not to get worse and I did. The weather this weekend didn't help either. But, hopefully I'll be back up to 100% tomorrow. Or maybe 80%. Either way, I'm sick of being sick. Other than that, I've been writing today. About poetry. And actually getting things done ahead of time. I'm also applying to a major writing gig for the second time and keeping my fingers crossed. The kiddo's party a couple of weeks ago went well and he is now and 8 year old badass! LOl. He's a really good kid who's been having some temper tantrums this weekend. It was a rough one because I was already sick. He does really well during the week so I'll have to come up with better ways of dealing with him on the weekends. Later.

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