Friday, January 16, 2009

And now Feelin' Crappy

So I went from feeling blue to feeling crappy after a chocolate shake hit the wrong spot. I called out sick on Wednesday and spent the entire day sleeping after being up the night before. So I didn't write. I did manage to write an article about "No-Name Calling Week", which happens to be next week thereabouts. I also did research of a couple of sites so that I can do interviews for the parenting site. But I am feeling better now. Though I'm glad this week is finally behind me. This weekend I do have a lot to keep me busy. I have a lunch date with a friend tomorrow, a kid's birthday party on Sunday and a Mother/Tot luncheon on Monday for my part-time job. I need to be busy not only for my sake, but for the kiddo. He needs to hang around other people besides me all the time.

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