Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmastime, Christmastime is here!

well, after another loooong stressful day at work, I went to a nearly two hour long choir practice today. Played the guitar in an unheated church hoping that my fingers wouldn't go numb. They didn't. But I'm tired. Trying to finish up all of my sessions so that I can take Christmas Eve off and chill out before the big service. Two hours of music and alot of strumming for me to do, but I love it! I love this time of year when hope is renewed and my spirit is lifted. At times, it can be bittersweet for me since my mom's not with me anymore, but it reminds me of fun times with her. Still have to put up the tree and get the gifts wrapped, but I can tackle that this weekend. :) Also have to take the kiddo shopping so that he has gifts for everyone else. Fun! Skyraven

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