Thursday, November 20, 2008

Taking a Chance on Me

I decided to join some of my writer mates in a new goal for 2009. I will be submitting an essay to Latina Magazine (a national glossy) for the lifestyle section in the May 2009 edition. It'll be about not having mom on mother's day. I haven't written anything, but I've been thinking about it. I want to have it drafted in a few weeks (after my 9 day vacation) and then polish it off with a query by January 31. I wanted to challenge myself and push myself further into my writing. I know I need to do this if I want to grow as a writer. I'm also re-reading Jenna Glatzer's book "How to make a Living as a Freelance Writer." I also want to get to bed earlier no later than 10:30pm to get up earlier 6:30am to write before the day job. I've been trying to write on my lunch hour but so far it hasn't been working out. I need to be more disciplined and schedule regular writing time for myself. :) Happy Writing to me! Skyraven Note to writers - How will you challenge yourself as a writer?

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