Monday, November 17, 2008

I've been Taggernated!

My pal Amy over at the forums at has tagged me. Now I've got to share Five Interesting Things about Me. So here they are. 1. Don't touch my stuff! I get so veklempt and fajarted every time my stuff is taken without my permission. Anal I know. Residual effects from having a younger brother take my Walkman's (four in all) without my permission and giving them back all busted up. 2. I taught myself to play the guitar. I got one for my 20th birthday and have been playing ever since. My guitar was my first baby. SHHHH! Don't tell my son! 3. Anal is my middle name. I have a routine for EVERYTHING. I used to think it was because I had OCD, but I think it's because I need to control everything. Wait? I AM OCD!! 4. I'm a Readerholic. I love to read, look at books, hang out at bookstores. I love books! 5. My favorite place? Barnes & Nobles. I once stayed at one for five hours studying for a test for grad school. It must've done me good, because I got in. :) Now who do I tag? I have to get Jen, Mysti, Wyntermoon, Jenn, and Inkkognito.


Amy Mullis said...

Taggernated. Heh. I love it.

Skyraven said...

Thanks for visiting Amy!