Sunday, November 23, 2008


though I shouldn't be. I should be excited about my trip in seven days. But, I'm frustrated about my relationship with my seven year old son. He's being more obnoxious than ever and being that I work with kids I should be able to deal. But, I also remember that dealing with other people's kids is easier than dealing with my own. Why? Because my emotions are invested in my own child not anyone else's. I know that first, I need a breather from him on a regular basis. I need to have my space too. Sometimes waiting for him to go to bed is not enough and I stay up late to enjoy that me time and then it messes me up for the next day. Anyway, you can see the pattern. I need to keep my cool. He's at an age where we can have lots of fun or lots of arguments. He's opinionated and expressive, which I like. What I don't like is that he forgets I'm MOM. I'm not like anyone else. So, while I'm getting ready for the vacation, I'll also be thinking about how best to deal with him. Skyraven - not feeling like much of a writer.

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