Sunday, November 2, 2008

Checking In

Well, I've been busy this week celebrating and enjoying my 31st birthday. Got my hair done, phone calls and text messages with birthday wishes along with a great pair of winter gloves and a card. Went out to Sofrito's (a Puerto Rican restaurant in NYC) and then went out to a club with my friend Tasha. I had a really good time. My father also gave me spending money for my upcoming cruise (only 28 more days to go!) and then I hung out with my best friend, her son, her mom, and my son. :) Writing-wise, I didn't do much this weekend except to write and send out an article about forgiveness for a church newsletter. I haven't heard back yet about it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Other than that, not much. I have to go review my goals for last month to see how much I've accomplished and then plot out my goals for this month. We'll see how that goes. Skyraven

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