Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Sunday

Had a great time at the Bronx Zoo today. A Halloween celebration with the kiddo was just what I needed today. We waited in line for an hour and a half for facepainting. The two of us, (yes I did it too!), waited forever to get our faces done up and it was worth it. Beautiful artwork on our faces and then we went exploring. We went to see the animals and the best part was it was all free! A church friend of mine gave me a complimentary ticket and my won and I found out at the ticket booth that his ticket was free because he wore a costume. It was a total accident that he wore it because I thought about it right before leaving. So the money I would have spent on tickets I spent on souvenirs and food. It worked out great and we had a blast! i hope to post the pictures up as soon as I get them off the camera. :) Skyraven

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