Thursday, September 4, 2008

Simon's Auction

Hiya readers and writers and whoever else has been following me. :) For the last few weeks, I've been following the story of little Simon, a beautiful boy fighting (and kicking butt, too!) to survive as a preemie. As a fellow writer, his mom, Mysti has been doing everything she can to keep as close to Simon as possible. Right now, Mysti, her husband Rob and son Jaden have been traveling four hours round trip to see Simon in Denver from their home in Wyoming. Mysti's writer pals, (myself included) have got an auction going to raise money for the entire family to be temporarily relocated to Denver until baby Simon is stronger. Mysti is looking to raise $6000. A small drop in the bucket compared to how happy this family will be to be together. :) Please support Simon and his family now at Simon's Auctions . Skyraven Note to Writers - This auction is for writers and the crazy people who love them. A lot of great books, packages, and items are available for any budget. Let the bidding war begin!


Dawn said...

Hi Skyraven! Thanks so much for supporting the auction and for getting Christina Katz, Writer Mama, involved, as well! :)

Skyraven said...

No problem Dawn. Anything to support a fellow mom and writer. :) Come back soon.