Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not So Blue

Today, I went to work feeling less blue than I felt on Sunday. My mom was such a big part of my life, especially when I was going through tough times. While she comforted, she criticized and jolted me out of negativity. Now, when I go through hard times, I cry more, hurt more, ache more because she's not there for me to call her and complain about whatever is bothering me. So, it seems I'm stuck in a cycle, except that I've been reaching out to my family and my friends. I have a great friend who I don't see/talk to very often, but she told me last week "You cannot be sad, be happy that you're alive!" No pity parties with her. I'm gonna have to put her on speed dial so that I can keep on going. :) In other news, I've been writing a whole lot. I submitted an essay for an anthology about moms. I'm drafting an article about temper tantrums for a parenting website. I've been writing on the personal news network. Check it out and comment. Skyraven

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