Sunday, August 31, 2008

September Writing Goals

Every once in a while, I like listing what I'd like to accomplish with my writing. So here goes: 1) Blog here twice a week. 2) Apply to two writing jobs a week. 3) Write and submit 2nd assignment to writing course. 4) Finish reading WriterMama. 5) Write query/article for Writing For Dollars. 6) Send essay out for anthology with Sept. 31st deadline. Skyraven Note to writers - What are your writing goals for September?


plaidearthworm said...

Great goals! My goals include having 10 queries/submissions out there on editor's desks. I have five so far, and I'm working on three assignments now.

Skyraven said...


Thanks for visiting. You've done a great job on your goals. Way to go! One of the goals I forgot to post was to submit work from my writing inventory. There's so much I've written that's sitting in my flash drive. Time to get those out. Come back soon!