Sunday, August 3, 2008

A day off!

I decided last week to take tomorrow off. I'm still trying to think of what I can do. One thing I want to do is head out to the library to do research on some of my goal magazines. I also have to pick up my master's degree, this time with my name spelled correctly. Other than that, I'm going to just relax. :) Skyraven Note to writers - How do you relax on days off?


Lisa Marie Miles said...

I clean to relax on my days off. Which shouldn't really count because I'm a house cleaner for a living. I do love reading and writing, but I have a hard time relaxing.

Skyraven said...


Thanks for coming by to visit. Whenever you need to relax, you can always come down to clean my place! :) I do have a hard time relaxing, especially when I've had a stressful day. Maybe we can bounce around some ideas for ways to chill out. See you soon.