Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Writer's Inspiration

If you've been watching the news or Oprah or YouTube, you've probably heard of Randy Pausch. If you haven't, make it your business to. I saw him on Oprah reprising his lecture "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams." I was blown away by his words, not so much because of the content, but because of his audience. He did the lecture for his three small children. In August 2007, Pausch was given a diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer. Knowing that he did not have much time left, when he was given the chance to do the lecture, he jumped at it. Why? So that his children would know him when they were older. His oldest child is six years old. He'll be lucky to have memories of his dad, but not the other two. Randy passed away yesterday morning at his home in Virginia surrounded by his family. I just wanted to honor someone who throughout his life was not afraid to do what he dreamed. To honor a man who walking in death, lived life in a great way. Thank you Randy for your words and thoughts. Thank you for inspiring me to do what I dream. Skyraven


Karen L. Alaniz said...

Saw his story on "Sunday Morning" today. Amazing! ~Karen

Skyraven said...


Thanks for coming by. :) I was truly inspired by him and his message. I'm going to read his book whenever I get the blues about my dreams. He was amazing.
Thanks for coming through.