Monday, July 21, 2008

Trigger Happy.

For writers, being trigger happy is hitting the send button with submissions. I've been that way for the last couple of weeks applying for blogging and article writing jobs. What's even more surprising is that I like seeing my "sent" box growing with submissions of my work. My confidence is growing and I'm feeling my oats. :) Finishing my writer's resume also helped. I sent out my info for a blogging job last night and one today. I'm also waiting for topic approval on an article for a parenting website that I queried a couple of weeks ago. Go me! I also submitted my first assignment for the writing course I'm taking. I'll keep you posted on my progress. So writers - What gets you trigger happy? Skyraven


Anonymous said...

Hey Skyraven,

I was just checking out posts on AW and clicked on your blog. Just curious - what kind of writing course are you taking?


Skyraven said...

Hi Vonnie,

First, thanks for visiting. I'm currently taking the Breaking Into Print writing course through the Long Ridge Writers Group. It's cost effective (very important) and I can work on fiction and non-fiction projects at the same time. Not bad for a program that awards you seven college credits with the certificate. Check it out. :) Take care,