Sunday, July 27, 2008


I realized yesterday that I lost my flashdrive, the one with just about every piece of writing I've ever done! URGH! The last time I remember using it, I was at work on Friday. I thought I put it in my purse. Not! I went to apply for a writing job and needed my resume. When I went to get it, I flipped. I think (and hope beyond hope) that it's at my job, because I'll go nuts. I thought I was being careful by saving my work on the flash drive. I also thought about getting an online place where I can keep all of my writing. I just don't like having my stuff on the computer in case it stops working. I'll check back tomorrow. Note to writers - How do you back-up your work? Skyraven


Valencia Higuera said...

A similar thing happened to me about six months ago - it was agony. I eventually found my drive, but I bought a second one, which now serves as a backup - just in case.

Telecommuting Diva

Skyraven said...

Hi Valencia. Thankfully, I found my flash drive sitting right on my work desk. :) You'd better believe I'll be better about keeping it safe. Thanks for stopping by. Visit again soon