Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Just hanging out this hot June day. Surfing on the web, checking out potential homes for my work and writing down article ideas. I feel I'm lazy because a good deal of my time is spent looking around rather than writing and submitting. Writers, what are the things that stop you from getting your work published? What are the distractions or excuses you use to keep from writing? Skyraven


Tanya T. Warrington said...

At first, learning the market does take lots of time. If you are truly focused on finding the best markets for your writing you are not being lazy. You are putting in necessary effort.

But, email and research can eat up too much time. I find I do best when I write first and then work on learning the market.

It drives me crazy when I get distracted when I am researching and waste too much time. The internet is marvelous, but it sure requires paying attention to time-- if you don't want it to eat away all of your writing time.

Skyraven said...

Thanks for your message. I've been working toward publishing for the last three years. In that time, I've published three articles and one poem. The poem was my first paid gig and first reprint. I know that it takes time. My issue is that I have so much written already and haven't found homes for any of them. Thanks again for sharing.