Saturday, May 3, 2008

Catching Up with Family

Family: I just talked to one of my brothers a few minutes ago to see how he was doing. Seems he's doing well and just like me, just trying to get through life. And I had to wonder how is it that there are families that are so close they get together every weekend while there are others that falls apart when the glue goes missing (my mom). It's times like these when I have cause to celebrate that I miss her and our family the most because if she were here, she'd be celebrating with me and so would everyone else. Even as a counselor, I still wonder why families seem to break apart and scatter in different directions. More important, how to establish connections after years apart. It's been on my mind since I began counting down to graduation. :] As for writing, I'm trying to put together a routine to get my stuff really going. Limits on email, readign alot more, and polishing up the stuff I've written to send out. Still trying to get down what it is I need to do so I can get it done. Writers -Any suggestions? :) Skyraven

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