Monday, April 14, 2008

Checking In

Well, it's been two weeks since my last post. A definite showing of how busy I've been since the comps. I submitted my last homework assignment last week (woohoo!) and took my final test (National counselor exam) this past Saturday. I was reeling from the first test so, I didn't study for the second one. But, all that's over! Four weeks to graduation and counting! :) On a writing note - I was accepted into the Long Ridge Writing Program and will be starting in June. :) Skyraven


DustyBear said...

Great blog, and great look into a very obviously hard-working mom/student/career woman. Great good luck.


Skyraven said...

Dustybear thanks for coming to visit. Thanks for the compliment as well. But, I'm glad to be closing a chapter in my life and moving on to the next adventure. Please come back soon!


Dustybear` said...

Yeh. As for one who has gone through that chapter process (and not just in my novels either...hehehe), it can be both excitin' and a bit scary. BUT, that's life.

As always, gr8 days and even bigger dreams.


Skyraven said...

Hiya Dustybear,

I just surfed over to your site and man, I got tired just looking around. You're a very busy guy. :) Thanks for the last comment. It seems that negativity is trying to get in the way of me graduating. A tuition balance and missing graduation tickets have suddenly appeared this week. As you said, that's life. :) Thanks again for coming by.