Sunday, April 27, 2008

Can I graduate already?!

Sometimes, i have to wonder why things happen the way they do. I know someone down below does not like me and he's trying to mess me up and piss me off. I received a statement from by school financial aid office with an account balance that I can't afford to pay right now. I also paid for tickets to my hooding ceremony with the idea that the tickets would be placed in my mailbox at school. NOT! I have to get down to the school manana to get them in person and settle my bill. I'm not that worried because I know the Man upstairs will cover me. In other news, I'm getting used to working just to work. I've slowly been adjusting to not have to worry about internship hours or homework or anything else. :) It's weird not having to do that after three years. Now, what can I do with this free time? Aha - I'll write and publish and keep it moving. Skyraven

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Dustybear` said...

SORRY. Didn't mean to wear you out. LOL.