Friday, March 28, 2008

I see the light

I just found out last night that I passed my comprehensive exam!!!! I'm so over the test and so over school I wish I graduated today so I can move on with life. Four weeks left until the ned of my master's career! About a month and a half until graduation. i can't believe that the tunnel has gotten clearer and the light seems to be approaching fast. My son has been challenging me with attitude since his birthday a couple of weeks ago. He wants to tell me "no" and actually wants me to go along with that, especially when I (MOM) tell him to do something. So, it was off to bed early for the young man who tried. I'm not saying he can't tell me no once in awhile, but he can't use his no to disobey me. But, I still love him. He tried to get out of going to bed early by stalling. Didn't work. :) But, I have to give him credit for trying. Work is great and it's not work. I love my job, no scratch that, I love my career. :) It's so great to finally get to do something that I've done in the past and wanted to do again...helping young people. i have no idea where this journey will lead me, but I think it's gonna be a great ride! :) Skyraven


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Skyraven said...

Flores, Thanks for visiting me. Come back soon.