Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Bit Behind

I'm slightly over my "I'm going to blog once a week" goal. So far, it seems to be working for me. I've been overwhelmed by work, which I love, but still overwhelmed. I'm also in the midst of the chaos of finishing the semester, taking exams, and graduating. Grad school is tough to get through, but even tougher to get out of. As for writing, I've put together a few pieces - two poems, a short, essay, and a song. I'm letting them fester while I think of other things to do to help my writing along. I've purchased "Writing to Change the World" by Marh Pipher who also wrote a book for newbie therapists entitled "Letters to a Young Therapist." Not only have I been suffering lack of writing confidence, I'm also suffering a lack of therapist confidence. I'm hoping that a therapist who is a writer, or a writer who is a therapist can help me get through my two passions in one piece. :) I've also just received my application for the Long Ridge Writing Course, which I hope to complete within the next few weeks. I've been very busy writing and doing things to improve my writing. I hope that I can get through the next couple of weeks (March 10 - my mom's birthday (d. 2002); March 14 - my son's birthday; March 15 - my comps exam). Still trying to study while attempting not to be so stressed out with work, home, and family; AND trying to write things that make sense to someone other than me. :) Wish me luck! Skyraven

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