Friday, February 1, 2008

Overwhelmed Mommy

I don't know if it's just me (though I highly doubt it), but today is a crappy Friday. Yes, it's the end of a long stressful work/school week. Yes, I got paid today. But, I was greatly challenged by my six-year-old. I went to pick him up at school where he proceeded to have a 45 minute tantrum. He did not want to go home and did not want to leave the school. I had to forget that he was my child and look at him as one of my clients because the fury was building up. It took a lot of patience not to scream til I was hoarse, but I did it. I had to walk away and sit for a minute listening to my Ipod for two minutes at a time so I wouldn't lose it. Being a parent without support is the hardest thing I do, harder still because my child is a boy and I'm not. I find it harder to connect with him during these times because I have to be stern and firm and stronger than ever. I know that if I let him get away with this stuff, he'll walk all over me, especially when he gets older. Can anyone relate? :\ Skyraven

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