Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goals for 2008

Spiritual Goals: 1. Read bible verse daily 2. Reflect on bible verse daily 3. Join Adult Fellowship group 4. Count my blessings daily 5. Pray everyday Self-care Goals: 1. Laugh 10 minutes daily with my family 2. Play 10 minutes daily with my son 3. Get 7 hours sleep daily (No buts!) 4. Eat better 5. Exercise 5-10 minutes daily 6. Call my friends more than once a week 7. Count my blessings daily 6. Drink 4 cups of water daily Educational Goals: 1. Study at least 30 minutes daily for comps and NCE exams (March & April) 2. Fulfill Internship requirement 3. Find more information on Play Therapy Writing Goals: 1. To blog weekly 2. To journal for five minutes everyday 3. Write down all of my ideas as they come 4. Find a writing accountibility partner or Find a live writer's group 5. Review my writing inventory 6. Find a home for two pieces 7. Submit to a writing contest monthly (Cool Stuff 4 Writers - check it out!) Just wanted to see where my head was at. I surprised myself with how low the bar is on exercising and drinking water. I can't stand water, but I know its good for me. Ditto on the exercise. Maybe I can start walking to work everyday. I usually have enough time after getting my boy off to school. As for the educational goals, I needed to see the things that I hope to accomplish by May because I'm suffering from a severe case of Senior-itis!!! :) So bad a case that I don't want to do anymore homework. I don't have regular papers to do anymore because I finished all of my coursework. Woo hoo!!!!!! But, I still have internship to get through before graduating with the Master's. So its about completing my hours and studying for my exams. :) The Spiritual goals come first on the long list of goals because I can't do anything without feeding my spirit. That said I can do everything else - school, work, writing and self-care. I liked making this list because it gives a clear outline of things I need to do without spending so much time thinking about it. Writers (and anyone else) - Write down your goals for the year, not just for writing but for every aspect of your life and keep it safe for review December 31, 2008. See how much you've accomplished in a year. :) Happy Writing! Skyraven

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