Sunday, November 4, 2007

When Life Gets in the Way.....

Try something new! With the stress of work, school, parenting, bills, and relationships, I had a lot of tension and anger built up inside for the last two months. I found that I couldn't talk about it. Instead, I dusted off an old journal and began to write about my feelings. At first, I was so blocked that I could only write individual words such as angry, pissed off, etc. Then I began to put sentences together about my feelings and who I was upset with. I hadn't written in the journal in over six months. The writing is sporadic. But, I remembered the different journals and diaries I've had. Like the little pink diary with a lock on it, or a notebook I wrote in during my pregnancy. But, after having my son six years ago, it just became too much to write in a journal. I had so much to say. But, typing for so long also got me missing writing with paper and pen. I plan to keep it going! :) Skyraven Note to Writers - The next time you get stuck, change your writing routine.

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