Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Month Later

It's actually me and yes, I'm still alive. I've put in a month at the new job as a therapist/intern. So far,I'm enjoying it, but not the paperwork that I have to fill out both for leaving an old job and starting a new one. I'm adjusting to having way too much time on my hands and have only now begun to write (journaling mostly) and read about writing (Cup of Compfort for Writers). I've also finished reading Angela's Ashes and have begun the Bell Jar. I still feel too intimidated to write just because I have more time to think, to brainstorm, and then write. I've been stalled since September when my schedule became too overwhleming. Work, school, internship, family, friends. etc. left me no time to think, let alone to write or even enjoy my own company. In short, I burnt out, fast!! I became angry and isolated myself from everyone. I couldn't do it anymore, I just wanted to quit everything and go traveling on my own for at least a month. But, I couldn't do that so I spoke to my internship supervisor who put me out of my misery by offering me a job. I went for it knowing that my dream of helping children was happening, but not enjoying that reality. So a month later, I'm still learning and growing as an intern and have been slowly coming out of my shell and reaching out to friends and family. I also think that my 30th birthday (a milestone) this past Monday also found me evaluating my life, my goals, my wants, and my dreams. I still haven't figured things out yet, but I've figured out how angry I had been (and still am though not much now). I'm taking better care of myself, sleeping more, going out with friends & family, and talking on the phone. I've been thinking about posting since last week and decided it was time. I've missed writing and hearing the click, clack of the keys. I've learned that I NEED to give myself time off just to recuperate and recover. I hope to keep this going and check in every week. :) writers - Nurture Thyself

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