Saturday, September 1, 2007

Writer - teach thyself

I'm in the midst of self-education on writing. I'm almost done reading "The Courage to Write" by Ralph Keyes. It's a great book about how writers like me (total chicken) can identify fear triggers and how to harness fear to their advantage. I like this book because I've always been a scaredey-cat, especially with my writing. But reading the book has helped me to not be so scared anymore. I've also been helped by the fact that one of my articles will be published in a newsletter for a Healthy Moms & Healthy Babies program in NJ. :) No pay but it's a credit to my name. I also proposed another article on timeouts (maybe for beginners). I need to brainstorm more. I've also been sending out letters of inquiry for writers guidelines and samples. We'll see how that goes. I've also gotten myself into a pickle by adding my writing goals to the Just-Hit-Send challenge at the forums at Now, I'll have people to hold me accountable for actually getting stuff sent out for publishing. :) I've also been studying Jenna Glatzer's book "Make a Living as a Freelance Writer" and Bernard Selling's book "Writing From Within." I feel that these books will help me be a working writer and learn how to use my life as a story. Onto writing! :) Skyraven - Note to writers: If you want to learn about something, look it up!

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