Monday, September 10, 2007


Every once in a while, I'm in a spot where I have to sit and think about everything that I'm doing. If my life is the best that it could be, if the quality of my life is high, and that the things I do are really making me happy. It could be the 9/11 anniversary, or the upcoming anniversary of my mother's death, or my birthday next month. I don't do it often. Only when I feel stuck or unhappy with the way things are going. Either I get rid of something that's holding me back or I try something new. God is definitely listening to me. Thanks God. After praying for a good internship, I got it a week later. After praying for enough hours, got it. Now, after praying for a new job, it's been offered. I was presented the job offer today. One with great benefits that's in line with my grad school work and would free up a lot of my time. One close to home so that I can spend time with my son, take him to school while still paying the bills and finishing my internship (volunteer) hours during the week. It would free up my Saturdays and I won't be killing myself to get things done. So, it's time for the pros and cons list; comparing the current job with the potential job. No word yet on when things will change, but I'll be thinking about it. :) Skyraven Note to writers: Ruts happen, good decisions don't.

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