Friday, August 17, 2007

Off Having Fun

Yesterday was my day off from the blog, not intentionally. But, too tired from the crazy work/school/volunteer work schedule, I forgot. And I had great reason to have fun. It was my wonderful fiancee's birthday yesterday and we had a date after my class. He met me at school downtown and we went to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants where the food is cheap and delicious. There was even food left over, which is waiting for me to eat tonight. We then topped off dinner with dessert at the Chinese Ice Cream Factory (try the red bean!) and a walk to Washington Park to see a soccer game. We took another walk to Astor Place to check out books at my favorite place, Barnes & Nobles (this shows I'm either a nerd or a writer, nah! I'm both.). We bought a few books and went home. All in all I had a fun date and my mate, a happy birthday! I'm off to enjoy my leftovers and Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows :) Skyraven

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