Thursday, August 23, 2007

Need Me Time

I have to remember to take time out everyday to care for me. I've working hard doing volunteer work and not letting go of it when I clock out. I carry it with me. Sometimes its too heavy a burden and I have to share it to let it go. To laugh, spend time with great friends and family. It my soon be time for vacation, though a short one. Even if it's just to sleep. (Tired.) So, in an effort to take good care of myself, I'm heading to bed in a bit. On a side note - I have "doctoral" fever. It's sort of like baby fever except to get a doctoral degree. I've been thinking about it since the beginning of this yearand forgot about it for the last four months or so, but remembered with a vengeance today. I searched online for a psychology program and didn't find anything that fit. Maybe I will soon. :) Onto Friday and the weekend!! :) Skyraven

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