Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lost in Thought

Today was a thinking day. I thought about my writing fears, publishing fears and what drives those fears. I fear rejection because I had rejection since I could remember. Feeling that I didn't measure up to the other kids, that I was lacking or missing something. That I was special not for having good qualities, but bad ones. I prayed this morning and asked God to take my fear away or at the very least to help me understand them. I picked up the Courage to Write again and have been reading and underlining things that jump out at me. I've also been talking to friends and loved ones to help me get a sense of how to get past the fear and put my writing out there more consistently. I did write a poem (I think?) about teen pregnancy and calling on adults to come to the rescue of underserved, underpriviledged, and needy kids. I don't know where this introspection will take me, but hopefully, it will be better than where I've been the last two days. :) Skyraven

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