Friday, August 3, 2007

Keeping Good Records - Part 2

I decided a couple of days ago to go through my writing journal to see how much I've written. Thing is, my notebook is full of ideas and outlines with dates, but there was no way for me to tell how much I've written and what types of writing ideas I've had since starting the journal. I made a list of everything - excluding poetry (not my genre..yet). I grouped everything into three columns in Excel labeled Articles, Essays, and Books. Then I made a column for listing where I could submit, what the idea was about, and due dates (if indicated). I found that I had at least 20 article ideas, 10 essay ideas, and five book ideas - two of which have brief outlines. I was shocked at how prolific I've been and how horrible I've been about not submitting. Now, I want to carve out time to write query letters for each one and send them out so this stuff can get published already! :) Skyraven

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