Friday, August 24, 2007

Great News!

Not for me, but my best friend (and son's godmother) is pregnant! :) I called dibs today on babysitting. As she told me how she was feeling and asking me questions about pregnancy, I couldn't help but remember many of the things I learned as I experienced pregnancy with no one to tell me anything. I discovered a lot of things along the way: drink orange juice for folic acid, avoid gassy foods especially in the last trimester, and get the cocoa butter for stretch marks. I also warned her against eating fish because they can have high levels of mercury and take it easy on the spicy foods in the last few months. I wanted to share my article with her boyfriend to congratulate him. :) I wrote it especially for expecting dads. It was published in the Healthy Moms and Babies newsletter at Hudson Peritnatal, a large non-profit organization in NJ. :) Maybe I'll write one just for her. :) Skyraven

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