Friday, August 31, 2007

Fear in Decline

My writing fear isn't lessening, more that my courage is rising. I've emailed two or three places to get writer's guidelines for articles. I took my commute home to brainstorm three different articles. I also have a fictional story to finish and am exploring personal/memoir/life writing. So, I've been going back to my writing books (I have a pretty extensive collection) to study them as if I'm in an actual class, rather than sitting at home unwilling to part with my hard-earned dollars to take a class. I've taken one already and the class helped me learn about weekly deadlines and helped me to improve my editing skills. But, I love to learn and what better way than to read and study. :) I'm also going to make more of an effort to send out my writing instead of writing ideas, drafting them and even finishing them and leave them to collect dust on my computer. Onto Saturday and life writing. Skyraven :)

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