Thursday, July 19, 2007

On being a Potterhead

I've taken the plunge, dived into reading Harry Potter. A wonderful friend of mine (self-proclaimed Potter-Head) was nice enough to give me four run-down, written-on, dog-eared books; the first four in the series. Well, it's about two and a half weeks later, and, da-da-da-da! I'm on book four! She's so happy that I'm reading this book because I confessed that I had seen the first two movies a few times and saw the third movie once. Since I haven't been "tainted" by the movie version of book 4, she was pretty excited. I'm not, however, turning into a Potter-head. I haven't fallen in love with the books, so I'm still reserving judgement until I finish this book. TGIF!!! Skyraven

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