Friday, July 20, 2007


They're everywhere. There in Soho, in Borders at 34th Street. Break out the dress robes, the wands, and of course your pet owl. You can't deliver messages without your owl. Looks like The Potter books have exploded and all of the characters in the books have come out. :) And yes, my potterhead friend is at Borders right now having a blast with her fellow Potterheads eagerly awaiting the release of the 7th book with games, free gifts, and other fun stuff. Hopefully, I'll hear from her on Sunday..that's if she could detach the book from her hand. For writers, a great tip to get writing ideas, make lists. List your favorite things, your bestest friends, or anyone you'd like to give donkey ears to with a quick flick of your wrist (and a wand of course). Skyraven

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