Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mental Health Day

Two hours after getting into work, I find myself stressed out beyond belief because 1) I work f/t, 2) I do 15 hours of volunteer work per week for school, and 3) I take a class for a hour and a half each week. Not to mention having a six-year-old in summer camp for the first time, being in a relationship with his dad, and trying to find "me" time and take care of myself (which I have been doing miserably). So what happens? I end up crying out my frustration in the bathroom and getting a headache for my pains. I spoke to my kind boss, who saw how much I was struggling and sent me home to take a sick day. Bless her heart because I needed it! I got home and crashed for two hours before getting up to have my lunch...my first meal of the day. I bummed around at home until I had to go do my volunteer work for two hours. I got home with my son about 8pm. Please, please, please take my advice. When you feel like you're crashing and burning, do it at home and save yourself the grief. Skyraven

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