Saturday, July 28, 2007


In love, there is safety, there is peace, there is kindness. I have to say that I am loved well, by my family. :) My fiancee is patient with me, putting up with my drama, and supporting my endeavors. My son is funny and sweet and kind and, most importantly, FUN! Being with my boys is great because I can be silly, funny, and open. I love that they know me in such an intimate way. That they know me and my world. :) Writing can also be this way for me. Being silly, funny, open, quiet and contemplative in writing is great because what comes out is of my world of experience. I can be anyone I want, write about what I want, build my world the way I want. Message for writers: If you're ever stuck for something to write,write about your family. You can write about feelings that you have for your family, or how you laugh with them, or how a Saturday at home with them brings great joy! Skyraven

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