Saturday, July 7, 2007

Just when I thought....

That my day could not be improved, I was proved wrong. I had a long day today starting at 8 am thru 4:30 when I got home from doing volunteer work. (Mind you, I'm doing it as a school requirement.) But, I was so tired and just plain worn-out from volunteering and traveling. Just hopped a few trains around the South Bronx. My problem is, I just don't trust God enough to let Him do his stuff. He knows exactly what to do. All I have to do it wait Him out faithfully. And what did I find when I checked my email this afternoon? A message that one of my humorous poems (my first paid gig)was accepted and how did I want to be compensated? Cause I actually had a choice! :) I did a quick "happy dance" and sent a reply saying, send check here please... Still doing my happy dance and spreadin' the news. Skyraven

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