Monday, July 23, 2007

Feeling Mischevious Today

I stumbled over a great idea for a flash fiction essay that I want to submit for a contest. The website provides the theme in a prompt, giving a point of reference. The prompt in this case is a cartoon picture with little monsters growling. For a couple of days, I didn't know how I could write anything based on this picture. I bookmarked the page on Friday, thought everything out Saturday, and frustrated, returned to the bookmarked page to read the contest rules carefully. What helped the most was reading essays written by other authors. I got an idea of what was requested for the contest but hadn't had my "aha!" moment until last night while I cooked dinner. I had the picture in my head, floating about without any big ideas. Until I realized that I should tie the picture to something I know. I named the picture "Cutesy Monster World." Though a tentative title, I thought about what around me was "cutesy" that I could use. I realized that my co-worker was into this "cutesy" crap and that I could use her as a model for my villain! Hehehe! I'm evil! ;)P I'm going writing now!! Skyraven

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