Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Day Off!

No work, no writing, and loads of fun. After a few hours of volunteering, I went home for lunch and housekeeping. After that it was a trip to a block party. My son and I danced, ate, and had fun with my friend and her family. I had so much fun I forgot to write yesterday. Today I've just been thinking about why the world works the way it does. Why do people suffer? How are things supposed to get better? The answers: us. People suffer because of people and people are supposed to help each other get better. Very deep for a Sunday, but quite appropriate. It's great to have fun and share good times with people you care about. But everything can't all be fun and games. I think the rest of the time should be for making a difference. In our own lives and the lives of others. This is why I want to touch people, to make them think, and, if I'm lucky, to compel them to action. So far, I've been compelled to write here. Hopefully, I'll do more writing and take more action. Skyraven

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