Friday, July 6, 2007

Being Humbled

One of the challenges that I have had is getting too confident in myself, to think point that I think I've got everything under control. NOT! I had a rude awaking yesterday at school when I realized that I totally forgot an important assignment. I hadn't looked at the syllabus since last week and only then, it was to see what readings I had to complete for the class. I also had written a journal entry for the class and forgot to print it out. I thought I would be able to at school, but the computer room was closed because it was being painted. When that happened, I tried to print the entry on an available computer and found that my entry was not saved in Word 2003, but in Word 2007 (just got a new computer with Windows Vista). Duh! I decided to come clean to the professor. "Honestly, I blocked the assignment out, didn't think of it, didn't write it down in my calendar." At that point it didn't matter anyway and I was ready to accept the consequences. I thought I would lose a grade. "If you email it to me by midnight, you will not lose any points." I was surprised, but after thinking about it, things just seem to work out the way their supposed to. I told the truth and was given another chance. :) Needless to say I spent four hours last night finishing the assignment. I sent the email at 1:15 am so I missed the deadline, but I made sure to write down when the next major assignment was due in my nifty new flower calendar. Skyraven

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