Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Being Grateful

Its funny how going about your business everyday, (work, school, family, and friends) that you can get so caught up in what's bugging you, what's aggravating you that you can lose sight of how special you are or how good you have it. I was aggravated by a couple of co-workers, nevermind what for now, but I got so angry that I forgot about how good I have things. A co-worker offered to get breakfast and then told me it was free. Then I had lunch with a friend who said, "I owe you lunch." It was nice to be me today, just because I was treated to breakfast and lunch. I forgot about why I was upset in the first place and remembered that I am fortunate to have such wonderful gifts. Maybe the next thing I write will be a list of all of the things I'm grateful for. :) Skyraven

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