Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm still here

Well, I'm back after a long hiatus away. It's taken me this long to get to the point where I'm doing something writing-related daily. I went through a black period where I just wanted to fall off the face of the earth. But, I needed (and still do) my job. So, I couldn't drop that. Writing ended up getting cut off completely. All of my writing work went by the way side as I dealt with this mood. The day job continues to be very stressful and is part of the reason why I stopped writing at all. I was burnt out to a crisp. I had no motivation, no inclination to write. So, I took a vacation to have fun. Kiddo and I took a family trip to California and had a blast! But, it didn't do anything to relieve my dark mood. I began looking for jobs because I felt I needed a change. Maybe I still do, but I've been reflecting and looking into myself to figure out what hapened to me. And I did. I was burnt out at the day job, which stunted my writing and I thought I was not good enough. I had to get back to the reasons why I became a therapist and a writer. While I've reached that conclusion during this period of reflection, I ve also been connecting with my spirit and with my faith in God. I was talking to Him, but not allowing myself to open my heart to let Him in. So I have been exploring my heart for the Lord and clinging to Him because I already know I can't do it alone. And I don't have to. :) So, I'm still reconnecting; still recapturing the essential reasons for my being a therapist and writer. That's all from me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Checking In

Well, the last couple of months have found me with a few changes. My workload has grown, which has kept me busier than ever. My workouts have been helping so much. Not only do I sleep much better, but I've lost two full pant sizes. I need to do more work if I want to drop another size by the end of August when I leave to California. Can't wait for my trip. My writing has fallen off a bit the last few weeks because of the day job being so hectic. I'll have to work that much harder to get myself back on track. I've just been resting and relaxing this weekend though I've been getting some writing done. I'll just have to write when I can. LOl That's all from me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making Progress

Well, my workout journey has been successful so far. If I haven't mentioned it here, I've been working out about five or six days a week usually before work. I've been sleeping a whole lot better and deeper. I also have gotten a flatter tummy and looser pants as a result of my hard work. I played softball last Saturday and still feel my thigh muscles hurt. But it was so much fun! As for writing, I've applied to three jobs today. Got a response from one that I applied to on Saturday and it was a positive "no." They don't need a writer now, but would keep my name and samples on record for the future. Sent a thank you email and kept it moving. Also received my new business cards yesterday and gave some out today. Nice to have Freelance Writer under my name! I've also been looking for more religious markets so that I can send in my work. I found a great one so I'll be working on submissions for that. Poetry for now, but I'll be working on articles. Great pay, too. Well, that's it for now. On to Wednesday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back Again

Back again after a week away. Busy with work, writing and family life I just haven't had time to write here. But here's the scoop so far. I had a blast on Mother's Day Weekend. On Saturday, I saw my communion kids do their First Communion, went out with one of my student's families to celebrate, then had dinner with my sister, niece and great-nephew. Little bugger doesn't like me anymore. He would squeal (like a whistle) and cry with me. :( Kinda sad about it because I was so looking forward to seeing him all week long. After dinner, we all went to my cousin's house to hang out and chat. Always fun for me. Finally I got home at 11:30pm. Exhausted, but great and kid free. Sunday brought me church, then mommies' day gifts of flowers, cards, and earrings. Then I hung out with my dad and his girlfriend for a bit. After that, I crashed for four hours and woke up wanting Chinese food. No cooking, cleaning and stress-free. How cool is that? Working out at least five days a week. Today I'm sore because I played softball yesterday. Wonder how long that will last. Onto this week! Later

Monday, May 11, 2009

Checking In

Just wanted to catch up briefly here. I had a blast this past weekend. Not only because it was Mother's Day Weekend, but because my communion students did their First Communion. It was great to be a part of this very special day! I played my guitar for the event and then went out with a friend and her family. Her son happened to be in my class. Then my pal dropped me off at another restaurant to meet my sister and niece for dinner. We then hung out at my cousin's house after. It was great! Kiddo spent the day at Chuck E. Cheese and then at the park. I received flowers and earrings from my boys and also receives flowers at church. All in all it was a great weekend and a fabulous Mother's Day. On the menu for today is a post at Examiner, FW and my portfolio along with applying for writing jobs. The day job will have me in training until the early afternoon so we'll see how things go. I'm hoping to get alot of writing done today. I have alot of ideas rolling around my head and need to get them out on paper.